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Google AdWords Marketing Plan

Get ahead of the competition and spend less doing it.

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Lisa Smith, Owner of Save My Family Today

"Everett Andrew Marketing has truly made ALL the difference in my business. Because of their expertise with Google AdWords, I've gotten 98% of my new clients. They are knowledgable, professional and genuine… don’t know what I'd do without them." - Lisa Smith, Owner of Save My Family Today

Do You Find Google AdWords
Confusing, Expensive, and Difficult to Make Work?

Don't go it alone - take advantage of the knowledge available from Everett Andrew Marketing and the personal attention you'll receive. Google AdWords will no longer be confusing and difficult to you. Hundreds of businesses just like yours have created successful AdWords campaigns by first creating a plan.

With your Free AdWords Marketing Plan, you’ll know that your budget is being fully maximized with no wasted spend.

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No More Wondering How AdWords Works

You will learn exactly how AdWords functions to bring you business leads and/or sales

Eliminate Wasted Spend

Know for certain your marketing dollars are producing results. No more guessing or wondering "if this is working"

Be Prepared for New Leads/Sales on a Regular Basis

Start seeing growth as a result of a carefully created custom plan

Everett Andrew Marketing is a Certified Google Partner

This means you'll receive the highest level of customer service and expertise when it comes to your Google AdWords marketing plan.

Laura Thatcher, Owner of Wavehuggers

"Everett Andrew Marketing has helped our southern California-based surf lesson business take off on Google! Not only are they super great at managing the ads, they are creative and take the time to switch things up according to my seasonal business to gain new traffic." - Laura Thatcher, Owner of Wavehuggers

Here’s What’s Included With Your Free Google AdWords Marketing Plan

Total Value: $250

Yours FREE


Goal Setting

The custom AdWords marketing plan will include the setting of specific, reasonable, and attainable goals your business can achieve with AdWords


Cost Information

The custom AdWords marketing plan will outline exact costs involved in achieving your goals


Expected Results

The custom AdWords marketing plan will deliver detailed information on number of leads and/or sales your business can expect from advertising with AdWords.

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Meet Mark Chapman, President of Everett Andrew Marketing

Mark Chapman is a PPC marketing enthusiast who is passionate about creating great marketing experiences. His personable disposition, and natural curiosity of the way other people think and see the world inevitably propelled him into the marketing industry.

He began his career in marketing while working for a family member's small business in Long Beach, CA during an economic recession. His 'teeth were cut' at the very beginning by hands-on learning experiences with search and social tools that were evolving (and continue to evolve!) at a rapid pace.

Today, Mark continues his work in a very hands-on way with client campaigns, and has grown Everett Andrew Marketing into an agency that serves clients nationwide.

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Get ahead of the competition and spend less doing it.

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Google AdWords Marketing Plan